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Plantation Dentist Dr. Annette Middelhof

Dr. Annette Middelhof

Looking for a gentle dentist in Plantation? Dr. Annette Middelhof, DMD will make you look younger, boost your confidence and help you enjoy healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime! From cosmetic dentistry in Plantation, FL to restorative dentistry and more, Enchanting Dentistry is the place for all your dental care needs.

Nothing conveys good health and enhances your smile more than clean, white teeth.

Enchanting Dentistry smile makeovers performed in our office improve the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as dental veneers, dental implants, and teeth whitening.

Why Choose Enchanting Dentistry?

Why Choose Us?

  • ♦ 97% of our patients tell their family and friends about us because we've proven that gentle and high quality dentistry go hand in hand.
  • ♦ Your free consultation gives you a clear picture of what to expect and how we will help.
  • ♦ We are confident that you'll enjoy your experience because patients just like you choose us every day and leave our office with a smile.
  • ♦ Your satisfaction is guaranteed, no questions asked.

"From the intitial phone call to set up a FREE CONSULTSTION (mind you), I was treated with kindess, caring and proficiency. Once at the office, I was greeted warmly, offered bottled water or (get this!) a cup of Chamomile Tea breshly brewed and fixed to my specification.

Everone who came in was treated the same way. I was given a tour of the beautifully decorated, serene atmoshphere of the office. As if THAT wasn't enough, I had my choice of an "extra" amenity (blanket, neck pillow, hand massage...). I chose the hand massage. Oooo-ooo-weee! When the reception handed me a gift bag garnished with tissue paper, my overhelmed-ness caused me to say, "Am I still on planet earth?" Seriously, the know how and perfessionalism of Dr. Middlehof and her entire team is MORE THAN ENOUGH to over helm you without the free extras. Yet the extras speak to Dr. Middlehof's heart

In reading her bio I discovered that ever since she decided to go into dentistry, her vision was to set up a place where people would have an experience tha would no longer make them afraid and down right DREAD going to the dentist. SHE DID JUST THAT!! I'm soooooo blessed to have led to her. THANK YOU ALL !!!!! XOXOXO"

-Cynthia H, May 07 2015

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